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Mayweather VS McGregor

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With the recent announcement of Mayweather VS McGregor many people are counting out McGregor. I have to agree with them. Mayweather is the sport’s best athlete, and McGregor is walking into his ring and leaving the cage for this fight. Boxers have notoriously done horrible inside the cage, but this will be the first time an MMA fighter stepped into the ring to box, and this time it will be against the best boxer in the sports history.

I hope the best for McGregor, and I think he has a very slight chance. Here are three things that McGregor has going for him:

1. Age difference – There is a 13 year age difference, playing in McGregor’s hand. However, Mayweather is a defensive genius, not needing speed, but just his shoulder roll move to wear his opponent down and win by decision.
2. South Paw – McGregor is a South Paw, which Mayweather has struggled with in the past. I’m sure Mayweather will train for this, but all of McGregor’s fighting techniques are not traditional.
3. Size of gloves – They settled on using 10 oz. gloves. This helps McGregor’s case. The larger the glove, the more it can be used as a defensive weapon to perry jab’s and crosses. 16 oz. is normal for a boxing match, so this is a much smaller glove then Mayweather is used to.

By Matthew Ludwick

Matthew Ludwick’s advice to beginners

Matthew Ludwick’s advice to beginners wanting to begin an MMA career:

Are you considering taking your first fight in your local MMA circuit?  Here is a few things that Matthew Ludwick suggests to do before taking that first fight:

First, choose the right school to train at.  It should be an MMA school that has a fight team that you can work your way up to.  If you have the time try to train in one ground game aspect such as jiu jitsu, and one stand up form of Martial Arts such as Muai Thai.  The school should not rush you into sparring, and should not be full of ego’s.  If you feel pressure to spar, and your not ready then leave.  Check the reviews online about the school and there website to see the awards, and belts that the instructors have.

So now you have been training in your school for about 6 months to a year. Before jumping into the cage, enter a jiu jitsu tournament to check your ground game and enter an amateur Kickboxing or Muai Thai smoker, that competes for points while wearing pads.  This is a great opportunity to see where your skills are at.  If you get dominated, that’s ok, learn from your mistakes and keep training.

Once you begin doing well at jiu-jitsu competitions and some form of stand up competitions, it’s time to choose a weight class.  More then likely you have already figured out what weight you can compete at in the past jiu-jitsu tournaments.  You should be able to drop 3-5% of your body weight of how much you weigh first thing in the morning.  I weighed 155lbs the morning of weigh in’s and would dehydrate my way down to 145.  It was a stretch but it gives you a competitive edge over your opponent.  For MMA fights, weigh ins are the day before the fight so you have a full 24 hours to rehydrate and eat well.  Do you want to drop weight the easiest way possible?  Google the Poly Plunge.  It’s the easiest way to pull water out of your system.

Lastly, choose which Amateur circuit your going to compete on.  A lot of areas have several selections.  One thing to look out for is a circuit, that is run by a local MMA gym.  I have seen this to many times, where a local MMA gym will start there own amateur circuit, in which they will stack the card in favor of there fighters winning.  For your first fight, you should be fighting someone who is also fighting there first fight or who is 0-1.

One final thing, choose your corner man well.  Not only will he be the man that gives you advice and tries to keep the swelling down between rounds, but you will also share the best memories of your life with him.

Advice by Matthew Ludwick

McGregor VS Mayweather by Matthew Ludwick

The thoughts of Matthew Ludwick on the McGregor VS Mayweather fight

Many people have asked me who would win a fight between McGregor and Mayweather. First all Mayweather is not a fighter, he is a boxer. A fighter can fight in all phases of fighting, on the ground, standing up, the ability to use kicks, punches and elbows. Likewise, McGregor is not a boxer, he is a fighter. I think both fighters will win in there respected sport, Mayweather will win inside the ring as a boxer, and McGregor would absolutely dominate inside the cage. All plans point to a boxing match, which means unfortunately I have to pick Mayweather winning, because he is the boxer and not the fighter.

Looking forward to the big match,

Matthew Ludwick

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