Mayweather VS McGregor

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With the recent announcement of Mayweather VS McGregor many people are counting out McGregor. I have to agree with them. Mayweather is the sport’s best athlete, and McGregor is walking into his ring and leaving the cage for this fight. Boxers have notoriously done horrible inside the cage, but this will be the first time an MMA fighter stepped into the ring to box, and this time it will be against the best boxer in the sports history.

I hope the best for McGregor, and I think he has a very slight chance. Here are three things that McGregor has going for him:

1. Age difference – There is a 13 year age difference, playing in McGregor’s hand. However, Mayweather is a defensive genius, not needing speed, but just his shoulder roll move to wear his opponent down and win by decision.
2. South Paw – McGregor is a South Paw, which Mayweather has struggled with in the past. I’m sure Mayweather will train for this, but all of McGregor’s fighting techniques are not traditional.
3. Size of gloves – They settled on using 10 oz. gloves. This helps McGregor’s case. The larger the glove, the more it can be used as a defensive weapon to perry jab’s and crosses. 16 oz. is normal for a boxing match, so this is a much smaller glove then Mayweather is used to.

By Matthew Ludwick

Matthew Ludwick’s advice to beginners

Matthew Ludwick’s advice to beginners wanting to begin an MMA career:

Are you considering taking your first fight in your local MMA circuit?  Here is a few things that Matthew Ludwick suggests to do before taking that first fight:

First, choose the right school to train at.  It should be an MMA school that has a fight team that you can work your way up to.  If you have the time try to train in one ground game aspect such as jiu jitsu, and one stand up form of Martial Arts such as Muai Thai.  The school should not rush you into sparring, and should not be full of ego’s.  If you feel pressure to spar, and your not ready then leave.  Check the reviews online about the school and there website to see the awards, and belts that the instructors have.

So now you have been training in your school for about 6 months to a year. Before jumping into the cage, enter a jiu jitsu tournament to check your ground game and enter an amateur Kickboxing or Muai Thai smoker, that competes for points while wearing pads.  This is a great opportunity to see where your skills are at.  If you get dominated, that’s ok, learn from your mistakes and keep training.

Once you begin doing well at jiu-jitsu competitions and some form of stand up competitions, it’s time to choose a weight class.  More then likely you have already figured out what weight you can compete at in the past jiu-jitsu tournaments.  You should be able to drop 3-5% of your body weight of how much you weigh first thing in the morning.  I weighed 155lbs the morning of weigh in’s and would dehydrate my way down to 145.  It was a stretch but it gives you a competitive edge over your opponent.  For MMA fights, weigh ins are the day before the fight so you have a full 24 hours to rehydrate and eat well.  Do you want to drop weight the easiest way possible?  Google the Poly Plunge.  It’s the easiest way to pull water out of your system.

Lastly, choose which Amateur circuit your going to compete on.  A lot of areas have several selections.  One thing to look out for is a circuit, that is run by a local MMA gym.  I have seen this to many times, where a local MMA gym will start there own amateur circuit, in which they will stack the card in favor of there fighters winning.  For your first fight, you should be fighting someone who is also fighting there first fight or who is 0-1.

One final thing, choose your corner man well.  Not only will he be the man that gives you advice and tries to keep the swelling down between rounds, but you will also share the best memories of your life with him.

Advice by Matthew Ludwick

McGregor VS Mayweather by Matthew Ludwick

The thoughts of Matthew Ludwick on the McGregor VS Mayweather fight

Many people have asked me who would win a fight between McGregor and Mayweather. First all Mayweather is not a fighter, he is a boxer. A fighter can fight in all phases of fighting, on the ground, standing up, the ability to use kicks, punches and elbows. Likewise, McGregor is not a boxer, he is a fighter. I think both fighters will win in there respected sport, Mayweather will win inside the ring as a boxer, and McGregor would absolutely dominate inside the cage. All plans point to a boxing match, which means unfortunately I have to pick Mayweather winning, because he is the boxer and not the fighter.

Looking forward to the big match,

Matthew Ludwick

Diaz VS McGregor

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor, who is set to fight Nate Diaz coming up.

After Jose Aldo withdrew from UFC 189 this past July, one of the opponents proposed for Conor McGregor as a replacement was Nate Diaz.  Yet this fight didn’t take place; last December, Diaz said this was because he announced the fight before UFC did.  At the time, he was just a couple days away from his most recent fight with Michael Johnson, which ended in a solid win.  Although he called out McGregor afterwards, the Irishman was targeting a fight with Rafael dos Anjos.

With dos Anjos out of the picture and Diaz set to face McGregor on March 5 in Las Vegas, it’s hardly surprising that this history has resurfaced.  Yet this time, Diaz had a different explanation for why the two didn’t end up meeting this past summer: he wanted more money.  That was Diaz’s repeated response to McGregor’s account of how their fight was made; he had fought with the UFC over pay, spending a considerable amount of time on the bench when he didn’t get a raise.  McGregor admitted that Diaz was his first choice to replace Aldo at UFC 189, but not beause he considered him a good fight but because he wanted him to get paid.

The way both fighters see it, the story of the rematch is something different.  McGregor claims that after complaining about weight, Diaz distinguished himself by signing on the dotted line after other opponents balked, namely Aldo and Frankie Edgar.  Diaz suspects that the entire situation is a setup.  Yet in the end, McGregor and Diaz have agreed.

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McGregor Vs. Ali

Conor McGregor flag

Conor McGregor

This past weekend, Conor McGregor made headlines with his 13-second victory against Jose Aldo at UFC 194.  With a cocky attitude and the skill to back it up, the Irish featherweight champion has earned plenty of attention, both positive and negative.  After his victory, commentator Kenny Florian heaped plenty of praise, describing him as “special” and comparing him to both Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali.

Despite such praise, not everybody agrees, specifically “King” Mo Lawal.  In a podcast with Tyron Woodley and Din Thomas, Lawal praised McGregor’s performance, although was quick to express his displeasure at the comparison between the scrappy Irishman and Ali.  Lawal pointed out that, as an Irishman, McGregor has got a lot going for him; “white folks love Ireland and Italy”, Lawal said.  However, he also pointed out that Ali stood for something a lot different than McGregor.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Considered one of the greatest trash-talkers to come out of sports, during his career Ali was one of the most polarizing figures in sports.  Nonetheless, he left his mark, and in 1999 Sports Illustrated nominated him as the “Sportsman of the Century”.  Sports Illustrated has since renamed its Legacy Award the “Sports Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award”, that celebrates those “whose dedication to the ideals of sportsmanship has spanned decades and whose career in athletics has directly or indirectly impacted the world”.

While Lawal pointed out that McGregor stands for himself and his country, he said that Ali stood for black athletes, giving them a voice that when he started was seldom heard.  Therefore, Lawal feels that comparing Ali to McGregor, beyond the fact that they both talked a lot of trash, would be a slap in the face of his legacy.

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Papi to Retire

David OrtizDuring his tenure with the Boston Red Sox, David Ortiz, also known as “Big Papi”, has become one of the most recognizable names in Boston’s history.  In an era where players change teams season after season, he has been a consistent name on the Red Sox roster…that is, until now.  It was reported today that the upcoming 2016 baseball season will be Ortiz’s last.  This also coincides with “Big Papi’s” 40th birthday tomorrow.  This in itself is a major accomplishment: only 10 positions players in Red Sox history have ever played past their 40th birthday, and out of those only three have played in as many as 100 games past that age.

When playing against the Tigers this past August, Ortiz’s base salary of $11 million for the upcoming season was guaranteed after reaching 425 plate appearances.  Ortiz finished last season with a .273 average, 108 RBIs and 37 home runs, his most for a season since 2006, when he set the team record with 54 homers.  Over the course of his career, he’s hit 503 homers, 445 of which occurred during his 13 seasons with the Red Sox.  This is the third-most in franchise history, only behind Ted Williams with 521 and Carl Yastrzemski with 452.  He ranks 27th on the all-time home run list, just one away from tying Hall of Famer Eddie Murray.  While Ortiz is more interested in adding a fourth championship ring than he is in stats, this upcoming season will give him plenty of time to catch up with some of these record-holders.

While the past 10 years have been good to Boston, this is a team that has had a long history of not doing well.  Before their fabled 2004 World Series win, the last time they had won was in 1918, which baseball fans attributed to a “curse” from Babe Ruth after he was traded to the Yankees.  During his tenure with Boston, Ortiz was present for three World Series wins (2004, 2007 and 2013), helping turn the Red Sox from the butt of MLB jokes into a well-respected team.  Before his season is up, Ortiz is looking to add ring #4.

Rousey/Holm Fight: the Aftermath

Ronda Rousey Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey gets stunned by a well-placed kick from Holly Holm.

Over the weekend, the world was shocked after Ronda Rousey suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Holly Holm.  Previously undefeated, Rousey had developed a reputation as one of the fiercest UFC fighters around, thanks in no small part to her flamboyant attitude.  As one of the more recognizable faces in sports, and certainly in MMA, how her image will recover from the fight remains to be seen.

Characteristic of UFC, the lead up of the fight had no shortage of tension and trash-talking, much of it coming from the Rousey camp.  Before the fight occurred on Saturday, Rousey refused to touch gloves with Holm.  Spurning this traditional sign of respect before a match, Rousey turned away, put up her fists and prepared for a fight.  Then in the second round of the match, Holm knocked out Rousey, turning her swagger and braggadocio against her.  While Rousey remained quiet for about a day, celebrities took no time to discuss the fight, and Ronda Rousey, over social media.

The day after the fight, Donald Trump took to Twitter, saying that Rousey was “not a very nice person” and he was glad that she lost.  This may have something to do with an earlier incident between the two of them earlier in the year; Trump had said that Rousey supported his Presidential campaign, a statement she quickly shot down, saying that she actually supported Bernie Sanders.  It wouldn’t be surprising that the notoriously thin-skinned businessman-turned-politician would take this personally and not turn away from taking a jab at Rousey.  But he was hardly the only celebrity to discuss the fight at Rousey’s expense.  Boxing enthusiast 50 Cent posted a meme on Instagram mocking Rousey, and Muhammad Ali’s daughter Laila, herself a retired undefeated champion, simply said that “you definitely don’t ever get beat up like that in your prime”.  Many criticized Rousey’s refusal to touch gloves with Holm before the fight, even Lady Gaga.

All year round, Rousey and boxer Floyd Mayweather had traded blows on the media, most notably when Rousey called him out on TV during the ESPYs after winning the award for Best Fighter.  Therefore, it would hardly be surprising to hear Mayweather to gloat after Rousey’s defeat.  Yet for Saturday and Sunday, the boxer was silent, although 50 Cent claimed that his Instagram post was on Mayweather’s behalf.  When Mayweather finally did break his silence, his answer was surprisingly diplomatic, saying nothing more than “you win some and you lose some”.

Without a doubt, Rousey has no shortage of physical and mental wounds to recover from, and whether or not this loss will shatter her ego or steel her resolve remains to be be seen.  She suffered some serious physical damage after the fight, and was brought to the hospital.  It might take a while for it to happen, but there is already talk of a rematch between Rousey and Holm, a match that would certainly be one people want to see.

Exercise in a Bottle?

The health benefits of exercise are nothing new, and can serve as powerfulExercise in a bottle therapy for such diseases as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders.  Yet the sad fact of the matter is that many people aren’t able to exercise.  But it looks like those people are in luck, as research has been studying 1,000 molecular reactions to exercise that will open the door for drug treatments to mirror the health benefits of exercise.  The research, published in Cell Metabolism by the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre, exposed a thousand molecular changes that occur within our muscles when we exercise, providing the world’s first comprehensive exercise blueprint.

The researchers, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, analyzed human skeletal muscle biopsies from four untrained, healthy males after 10 minutes of high-intensity exercise.  Using a technique called mass spectrometry to study the process called protein phosphorylation, the researchers found that short and intensive exercise triggers more than 1,000 changes.  Most traditional drugs target individual molecules, and with an exercise blueprint, researchers claim to have proven that any drug mimicking exercise will need to target multiple molecules.  The researchers found that the majority of changes they discovered had never been associated with exercise before, with existing research just focusing on a handful of changes.

This breakthrough in the study of exercise now allows scientists to design a drug that could mimic the true benefits that come from exercise.  With this goal in mind, researchers have narrowed down the therapeutic possibilities within the blueprint by using mathematical and engineering-based analysis.  The researchers have discovered that the responses from exercise are extremely complicated, meaning that this theoretical drug will have to target multiple parts of the body.

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Most Haunted Places in Virginia

As one of the first parts of the United States to be settled by Europeans, Virginia is a place steeped in history.  Whether it’s Pocahontas, the American Revolution or the Civil War, Virginia has been playing a vital part of America’s history for a long, long time.  With a place so deeply entrenched in America’s history, it’s hardly surprising that there’s no shortage of haunted places in the great state of Virginia.  Whether or not you believe in ghosts, these are some great spooky stories to add a little fear to your Halloween season.  After doing some research, here is a list of ten of the most haunted places in Virginia:

Fort Magruder Williamsburg

1. Fort Magruder Hotel, Williamsburg: Planted in the middle of the Civil War’s Battle of Williamsburg, it’s hardly a surprise that guests here have experienced ghostly activity.  Many have reported waking up in the middle of the night to see a red-headed Confederate soldier sitting on their bed.  The hotel is the site of an annual science fiction convention, MarsCon, where ghost hunts sometimes occur.

Peyton Randolph House Williamsburg

2. Peyton Randolph House, Williamsburg: While it’s easy to see Colonial Williamsburg as nothing more than an amusement park, it was once the site of one of colonial Virginia’s most busy towns, and is filled with history.  Since it was built in 1715, the Peyton Randolph House has seen its fair share of tragedy: children have died of diseases or in accidents, one family member committed suicide and several boarders met untimely deaths.  There have been reports of mirrors shattering, thumping footsteps and no shortage of ghostly apparitions, including a young man, an older woman in a flowing gown, a little girl and a woman who seems like she’s trying to warn guests of impending danger.

Ferry Plantation House

3. Ferry Plantation House, Virginia Beach: The area around the Ferry Plantation House has been inhabited by as far back as 1642.  It was the site of a courthouse, where the trial of convicted witch Grace Sherwood was held in 1706.  It later became the site of a plantation owned by the Walke and later the MacIntosh families, the latter of whom built the current house in 1830.  This house is said to be home to at least 11 ghosts, including a cat, a couple of young girls, a grumpy slave, a lady in white and a boy who fell out of a second-story window to his death.  The house is also said to be the site of an Indian burial ground, which as we all know is a recipe for all sorts of paranormal activity.

St Albans Sanatorium

4. St. Albans Sanatorium, Radford: When it comes to haunted places, there are two kinds that are particularly scary: Indian burial grounds and old insane asylums.  St. Albans is both and then some.  Built on top of a hill that was once the site of conflicts between Indians and white settlers, it also served as an artillery battery in the Civil War before the current building was built in 1892 as a boys school.  The school, which had a reputation for bullying, closed after about 20 years and was converted to an insane asylum in 1916.  Described by many paranormal teams as “the most active location on the east coast”, claims have been made of floating objects and the ghosts of schoolboys, patients and a former staff member who doesn’t like women.

Weems Botts Museum House

5. Weems Botts Museum, Dumfries: Built in the mid-18th century, this is one of the oldest houses in the historic port town of Dumfries.  It served as a poorhouse for the town of Dumfries for a while, but has been owned by an array of families over the years.  The spirits that haunt the house include Civil War soldiers, the previous owners of the home and a mysterious older man.  According to investigators, these spirits have a great thirst for publicity and generating attention.

Jordan Springs haunted

6. Historic Jordan Springs, Stephenson: Like many of the haunted places in this list, Jordan Springs served as a military hospital in the Civil War.  According to paranormal investigator John Rossi, psychics have suggested that Jordan Springs is a portal, and there have been reports of all manner of ghostly spirits from various points in history: Indians, Civil War soldiers and nurses and many others.

Battle of Cold Harbor

7. Cold Harbor Battlefield, Mechanicsville: In what proved itself to be one of America’s bloodiest conflicts, the Battle of Cold Harbor has stood out as one of the most bloodiest, lopsided battles in American history.  Therefore, it can hardly be a surprise that the spirits of the dead soldiers still haunt the area.  Locals frequently hear the sounds of men screaming, gunfire and cannon fire.  When people take photos, strange apparitions have been known to appear, and visitors to the battlefield have claimed an overpowering smell of gunpowder and a heavy feeling of pain and sadness.

Cavalier Hotel Virginia Beach

8. Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach: In the roaring 20s, this swanky establishment was a hangout spot for various movie stars and historical figures, including Al Capone and Woodrow Wilson.  It was then used in World War II by the US Navy.  According to legend, the hotel was used by the Navy to store dead bodies, and there are reports of a mysterious man in a military uniform who warns guests that there are “dead bodies”.  The site was also where Adolph Coors, founder of the Coors Brewery, committed suicide in 1929 by jumping out of the sixth floor of the hotel, and guests on the sixth floor have experienced voices, cold spots and the sound of flesh hitting the pavement.  Most unusually, some guests have reported their towels changing color on occasion.

Boxwood Inn bed and breakfast

9. Boxwood Inn Bed and Breakfast, Newport News: When it was built in 1897, this building served many different functions: the hall of records and tax assessor’s office for Lee Hall Village, a general store, a country post office and ultimately a home.  Although the house isn’t as old as the other ones on this list, it has no shortage of ghosts, including an elderly woman, a man with a cane, a salesman who died in one of the rooms and a mysterious woman in a bonnet.  The dining room is another scene for strange activity, such as forks that disappear only to show up in another place.

Bacon's castle
10. Bacon’s Castle, Surry: While it might not look like much of a house nowadays, looks can be deceiving: it’s one of three Jacobean houses in the Western Hemisphere, and at 1665, it’s one of, if not the, oldest houses in Virginia.  With 350 years of history, it’s no surprise that this house has earned its fair share of hauntings.  There are several ghostly phenomena connected with the building, including a roving fireball, rearranged furniture and ghostly faces.

Cerrone Discusses Diaz

Donald Cerrone cowboy hat

Donald Cerrone with his signature cowboy hat

Even though it’s been four years, Donald Cerrone has yet to hear the end of his 2011 loss to Nate Diaz.  In arguably the marquee performance of his career, Diaz clobbered Cerrone over the course of three rounds on his way to score a unanimous decision victory in the co-main event at UFC 141.  Cerrone admitted that his rival has an “incredible” cult following, on par with Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz middle finger

Nate Diaz, known for his “go-to-hell” attitude

However, that’s not the only one of Cerrone’s problems; he’s currently preparing to challenge lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on December 19 in Orlando, Florida.  Yet Cerrone’s admitted that the fight with Diaz got into his head, which he claims has taught him to not let that happen again.  Through fighting “out of anger”, Cerrone admitted that he played poorly, which is the only reason that Diaz was able to beat him.

The two fighters had a bit of beef that began during an incident where Cerrone tried to shake hands with his opponent to-be at an open workout.  Later on, Diaz slapped the hat off Cerrone’s head at a pre-fight presser.  Adding insult to injury, Diaz missed weight by coming in a pound over the allotted lightweight limit.  All of these led to Cerrone saying that he would be motivated by anger during the fight, a move that ultimately proved disastrous.

With a few years to reflect, Cerrone has decided that he actually likes the Nate and his older brother Nick, since they have “no front on them at all”, and what you see is what you get.  In the world of MMA, where it isn’t always clear what’s real and what’s a persona that somebody’s just putting on for show, this is especially rare, and Cerrone has even expressed an interest in sitting down and having a beer with them.  A real change of heart from four years ago, no doubt, but it would be interesting to see what would happen if they were to meet in the cage once again.

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