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Matthew Ludwick fightingAs far back as he can remember, Matthew Ludwick has been passionate about fitness.  He started his professional career in the field of fitness, as a personal trainer, lifeguard and recreational sports manager, that only helped to develop his passion for fitness to an even further degree.  Between 2002 and 2008, Matthew had competitively bench pressed, earning first place in two competitions (2003 and 2008), second place in three competitions (2004, 2006 and 2007) and third place once in 2005.  He also worked as a personal trainer for 6 years, meaning that he was no stranger to fitness.  Four years ago, however, he decided to get into another field of fitness: mixed martial arts, or MMA.

Matthew Ludwick first got into the field of MMA when a child asked him what he’d like to be.  Matthew realized that cage fighting had been on his bucket list for a long time, he decided that he should get into that.  He started training four years ago, using the Gracie method.  The Gracie method was pioneered by the prominent martial arts family founded by Carlos Gracie, a Brazilian fighter instrumental in bringing jiu-jitsu fighting to Brazil.  The Gracie method is a fighting style designed to help the user beat a bigger opponent.  Himself being five foot four, Matthew Ludwick understood the value to be had from such a style of fighting, especially since he had worked as a bouncer at the Baxter Sports Lounge, where he frequently had to deal with people who were much bigger than him.

Matthew Ludwick and friends

Matthew Ludwick (far right) alongside three other people passionate about martial arts.  Next to him is Master Bill Odom, under whom he trained.

Starting out with jiu-jitsu competitions, by April of 2013, Matthew was getting into the cage to fight opponents.  He competed with the Spartyka Fight League, a leading amateur MMA competition in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Competing against Chris Wilkerson in the April 2013 Fight League, Matthew Ludwick emerged victorious, helping to fulfill his dream of cage fighting.

Even though he only pursues it at the amateur level, Matthew Ludwick continues to take part in cage fighting and MMA.  This reflects a firm belief of Matthew’s, that it’s never too late to try and do something that you love.

Matthew Ludwick has worked security in bars for 8 years.  Currently he is employed in Winchester, VA as a bouncer on the Olde Town walking mall.


Matthew Ludwick & MMA